Ceolbeg were around for 25 years - Formed in the seventies, the aim of the band was always to concentrate on innovative settings of traditional Scottish music while preserving the essence of the original tunes and songs. Wendy played with the band for about half that time, recorded 4 wonderful albums with them and toured the world.

Their name 'Ceol Beag' is a Gaelic phrase meaning literally 'Small Music', such as jigs, reels and strathspeys of traditional Scottish pipe music.

Band members included Davy Steele, Rod Paterson, Gary West, Colin Matheson, Peter Boond, Jim Walker & Mike Travis.

Ceolbeg collected

Ceolbeg Collected

Greentrax CDTRAX374

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A sixteen track collection of superb highlights of the music of Ceolbeg.

"It is with a good deal of pride that we present this collection of some of the highlights of the music of Ceolbeg. We are very proud of what this mainly part-time band achieved over so many years, and the contribution it made to the music of Scotland over almost three decades." 

- Gary West (on behalf of all members of Ceolbeg).