Folds in the Field

Folds in the Field
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Wendy's latest solo album pays homage to the landscapes, people, culture and history of South West Scotland. Its five tracks include two longer pieces, one reflecting her home valley of Glencairn and the other a composition on the life and ideas of James Clerk Maxwell. The title Folds in the Field hints at both Galloway`slandscape and Maxwell`s electromagnetic theories.

Joining Wendy`s harp, electroharp, concertina and vocal are Ruth Morris on nyckelharp, Gavin Marwick on fiddle, Stuart Macpherson on bass, singer Alex Kapranos and poet Tom Pow.

An album of many layers and a few surprises!


Track List:

  1. In The Snow (where the deers are)
  2. Glen : Cairn : Water : Music
  3. The Lasting Waltz
  4. Maxwell's Music
  5. May The Road Rise Up To Meet You

Standing Wave

Standing Wave

Greentrax 2003 (CDTRAX 242)

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A collection of unashamedly harp-focused tracks, with compositions strongly influenced by the Scottish landscape, this is a reflective yet absorbing listen.

Some tracks are available as sheet music in Wendy's book Standing Wave which can be found here.

Track List:

  1. Flowers Of The Forrest/The Old Sword's Lament
  2. Taigh Iain Ghrot/Brown's Reel/Dr Arthur's Second Hand Rant
  3. Now Draw Up Close And Hear My Song
  4. Fires At Midnight
  5. Down The Hill/Annan Polka
  6. All things Are Quite Silent/Markellie Waltz
  7. PM Donald Maclean Of Lewis/Miss Sally Hunetr Of Thurston/Ho Ro Bhoban An Dram
  8. Love And Loss/Wendy's Waltz
  9. Cairn Water
  10. There Is A Tide/Tolsta Solstice
  11. Lunkum Doddie/Come To Berwick Johnny/Bobbing Joan/Have A Care Of Her, Johnny
  12. Jean Stewart Of Moniaive
  13. Cumha Airson Ceannard/Chlann'ic Uilleam/Crodh Chailein
  14. Barrisdale's Dream


About time 2

About Time 2

Greentrax 1997 (CDTRAX 126)

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A collection of the old and new, acoustic and electroharp with sublime vocals and rocking reels.


  1. MacLeod of Mull/The Kitchen Piper/
  2. The January Man    
  3. Rachael Rae    
  4. Fish Feis
  5. Probabobably/Maggies Pancakes/Break Yer Bass Drone
  6. Fotheringay/favane
  7. Barbara Grigor/The Little Cascade    
  8. Dances with Friends    
  9. The Dusty Miller/Love & Whisky/Bobbing Joan
  10. An Caiora/carolan's welcome
  11. Drummond castle



About Time

About Time

Greentrax 1992 (CDTRAX 059)

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Wendy's first, and long awaited, solo harp CD with a little help from her musical friends. A delightful selection of her favourite pieces.


  1. Hip Hip Bouree/Pheasant Feathers/
  2. Bonawe Highlanders/Stirling Castle/Rachel Rae/
  3. Harp Song Of The Dane Women
  4. Love Lies Near Me
  5. The Burning Bing
  6. Petronella
  7. Polska From Orunga
  8. Silent Rains
  9. Roslin Castle/Miss Gordon Of Gight/
  10. St Bride's Coracle
  11. The Streams Of Abernethy/Puinneagan Cail/
  12. William Joseph Guppy/The King's House/
  13. Wild West Waltz